Knife Skills 21st March 6-9pm


  21st March 6-9pm


Knife Skills

Our instructors will talk you through the various knifes and their application as well as how to look after your knives and keep them sharp. Good knife skills are the perfect way to get your kitchen confidence up and will save you time and effort in your food preparation. Our instructors are qualified Chefs with many years training in some of the top kitchens. We have created an informal and fun environment taking you through each recipe step by step. This is a hand's on course with our instructors available to assist you throughout your evening. The following topics will be covered on the Knife Skills course: Introductions to the various kitchen knives and their uses How to sharpen and look after knives Practicing a variation of cuts: dice, slice, julienne and shred Dish preparation and presentation techniques You will work with the following knives: Chef's Knife - chopping, slicing Boning Knife - working with meat Flexible Filleting Knife - fish filleting Paring Knife - peeling and preparing. You will sit down to enjoy dishes made from all the preparations; Chorizo & bean broth, Mackeral with orange and beetroot salad, Ginger and honey chicken wings and Apple tart fine with ice cream.

It is not essential to book as a pair. Individuals are welcome to book onto this lesson but must be aware that this class requires you to work in pairs and you maybe paired up with another individual for duration of the class. This is an adult lesson and not suitable for children under the age of 16 years.