Half Day Mexican 21st April 10-1pm


 21st April 2024


Half Day Mexican

Mexican food is a fusion of exciting ingredients and spices. The emphasis will fall on Mexican methods of cooking fresh salsas, cuts of meat, seasonal vegetables and fish whilst also learning about the basics Mexican cookery and its extensive use of traditional spices and herbs. Our instructors are qualified Chefs with many years training in some of the top kitchens. We have created an informal and fun environment taking you through each recipe step by step. This is a hand’s on course with our instructors available to assist you throughout your evening. Typical dishes on this course include: Quesadilla - Mexican-style stuffed pancakes (mild or hot) Enchiladas’ - stuffed tortillas baked with cheese & meat (mild or hot) Guacamole and Salsas - you will never by mass produced salsas again! Churros with Chilli Chocolate - a sweet dessert.